Property Zine 1.3 (Winter 2016)

from Property Materials

Winter 2016 magazine by Property Materials
Featuring the work of Carlota Jones, Guarnagia-Gryder, J Cuz Uza, Jackie Sage Longe, Philip Fryer, BPOP, Big Tight, Tyler Kline, Ryan Simonelli, Jack Arbaugh, Je t'aime Pizarro, Christopher Konopka, Amanda Thackray, Patrick Chaney, Brian Duffy, Sable Sanborn, Joe Mygan, Mitchell Craft, Zayde Buti, Eliza Scott, Andrew Goldman, Dan Bullman, Krystle Brown, Nyx, Jacob Bohlen, Lisa Schuchmann, woodsybug, A.C. , Xomrade Donny, and Josh Sheets


46 Full color gloss 8x11 pages
Extremely limited edition
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Property Materials Boston, Massachusetts

Property Materials is a tape and materials label run by J. Bagist and DebStep.

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